Benefiting Organizations

The DoGood-er Awards will recognize individuals who support our community, but the event itself will help to support local non-profit organizations. For the upcoming event, we have chosen 2 worthwhile organizations, that are serving the youth in our community. One is helping to provide programs and resources for children with incarcerated parents. One is providing after-school, athletic and recreation programs for children to improve the relationship with the police and foster non-criminal behavior and good citizens.

These two organizations were selected based on the choices of our 2018 DoGood-er winners and the committee chose from there.

The 2019 beneficiaries are:

Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP) has as its mission: To foster strong, resilient, hopeful children who are impacted by the incarceration of a loved one in the Frederick County region. They provide support, resources and services for the children, their caregivers and present and formerly incarcerated family members in the Frederick region. They are an all-volunteer non profit that has been established for over sixteen years, but continues to grow in number of those they serve and number of programs they do.

While there are over 300 men and women in the local Detention center on any given day, that number does not tell the whole story. The majority of this population has children, and the statistics do not show the number of Frederick parents in other facilities around the country. Because they are all volunteer, theyare able to put the money raised directly into projects/activities to assist the children they serve.

They plan to use the money raised to expand children’s weekend activities and add transportation for special events. They also hope to expand the scholarships at Frederick Community College for those who care for the children and those who are recently released and have children, to expand their workshops for caregivers, to purchase more books for the children, and to help to build their present weekly program for those moms, dads and siblings recently released from jail. Please help them help the children.

The Frederick Police Activities League (PAL) is a recreation-oriented juvenile crime prevention program that relies heavily upon athletics and recreational activities to create and cement the bond between police officers and the youth on the street.

PAL is based on the strong belief that children who are reached early enough can develop a healthy, positive attitude toward police officers in their journey through life toward adulthood and good citizenship.

PAL brings youngsters under the supervision and constructive influence of police officers and expands public awareness about their role in the community. Their goal is to provide positive and educational alternatives to gangs, drugs, criminal and other anti-social behavior. We achieve this goal through sports, educational and recreational activities in a healthy, structured, safe, and fun environment.

To support this event and these organizations, corporate sponsorship is necessary. If your business is interested in being a sponsor, please consider becoming one.