2016 DoGood-er Awards

The 2016 DoGood-er Awards was a huge success with 14 nominees and 7 overall winners.
Winners were chosen by the judges across the 7 categories of
Youth, Military, Public Service, Business, Education, 2nd Chance and All-Star DoGood-ers.
The judges were Nikki Bamonti, Guy Fletcher, Russ Hodge and Karlys Kline.
Karlys also was our Keynote Speaker for the Inaugural Event. The results of the event are shared below.


Jackson LeBlanc - Youth DoGood-er Recipient


Danny Farrar - Military DoGood-er Recipient

Lt Jason Keckler.jpg

Jason Keckler - Public Service DoGood-er Recipient

Joe P.jpg

Joe Parsley - Business DoGood-er Recipient


Pamela Knight - Education DoGood-er Recipient


Korey Shorb - 2nd Chance DoGood-er Recipient


Michele Mills - All-Star DoGood-er Recipient

Other Nominees included:
Barry Adams
Geni Donnelly
Joe Donegan
Julie Gaver
Justin Saltzman
Serina Roy
Virginia Strnad