Become a Sponsor

The DoGood-er Awards, in its second year, is looking for businesses in the community to DoGood as well! If you or your business would like to be a sponsor for this event, to help serve non-profit organizations but also to provide recognition and honors to the chosen DoGood-ers, get in touch. 

To ensure the success of the event and benefits to the charities, we are asking for your help. We are hopeful you will be able to contribute to this endeavor in the form of a sponsorship.

New in 2019 * Award Sponsorships - $1000 level sponsors and above can “sponsor” one of our award categories. These are designated on first come, first serve basis and allow a representative from the company to be introduced to give out the award.



To become a sponsor, please contact:
Caressa Flannery, Event Coordinator
301.606.8935 or
or pay online.


2019 Sponsors

Altruist Level

Philanthropist Level

Benefactor Level

Good Samaritan Level


Humanitarian Level